Up the gum tree

Daniel Hutchinson (The Weekend Sun, January 10, page2) has obviously bought into and swallowed the hysteria and fashionable new age phenomenon labelled ‘Çlimate Change’.

He states that climate change and global warming is now a proven fact. He also says all of the peer reviewed research agrees. I’d like him to show me his unbiased proof.

The tide is turning regarding man-made global warming/climate change. This whole debacle has been hijacked by politicians and alarmists alike.

They both have ulterior motives and are riding on the back of mass hysteria. The United Nations is a prime example.

The Earth has been undergoing temperature changes for many millennium and no doubt will continue to do so, with or without any miniscule affects caused by humans.

Bush fires in Australia have been a regular (and necessary) occurrence for millennium.

Fires in Australia have been recorded by the Aboriginies going back many centuries, at least 40,000 years.

Aboriginies were always predominantly nomadic, always on the move, and adapted well to those conditions.

Modern day man hasn’t adapted and these natural fires have become disastrous because people insist on building and living in danger areas.

There have also been almost 200 people charged with deliberately lighting bush fires (including a Fireman) over the past two months in Australia.

Scientists have proved that there is less Co2 in the atmosphere now than 10,000 years ago. Without Co2 we would certainly all die from starvation.

With the advent of Fossil fuels, the world has no doubt become a much better place for many millions of people in many ways.

So Mr Hutchinson, I don’t need to ‘head back to school’, and depending from what source you get your Google info (Stuff I suspect), then you are being led up the Gumtree, the ones that haven’t already been burned down that is.

Pete Kelly, Te Puna

Editor responds: The sources used for that column included the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, NASA’s observational data and summaries, and the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment.

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Posted on 17-01-2020 21:18 | By groutby

.....facebook as sad as it can be for the rapid demise in intellectual fact, is not responsible for ’rumours’ that surround arsonists in Australia....gullible people believing the information offered by Australian Police are, well, sad to say the least, another cup of tea and lie down required here methinks....

This is not true

Posted on 17-01-2020 07:58 | By KiwiDerek

"The tide is turning regarding man-made global warming/climate change." No, it really isn’t. Simply because you refuse to believe evidence that becomes clearer every day does not mean that the rest of the world are blinkered idiots. Please be aware: the claim that "There have also been almost 200 people charged with deliberately lighting bush fires" is completely untrue, a Facebook rumor quickly lapped up and spread by, well, people like you.

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