Drain the TCC swamp

Harington Street carpark debacle has been unfolding/unravelling since 2005/6.

At the outset I maintained the planned TCC Carpark, (estimated at $5million) should have been constructed servicing the CBD, courthouse and lately the University. Various submissions made under TCC Annual Plans etc.

Council never responded although rumoured there were foundation and geotech issues. ‘Yeah right’ - with multi-storey Kingsview on topside and Harington House on lowerside.

In 14 years, cost has escalated from $5 million to $35 million – the whole thing is implausible.

While I feel sorry for Kingsview/Quest owners, views are never guaranteed and if wasn’t a scheduled carpark, it would be another highrise. TCC carpark construction woes are just another ongoing saga; -Bella Vista, Grand Pacific, Southern Pipeline, Bell Road land banking, Civic Centre – since 2004 the list is endless with total mismanagement and current bunch will implode. Mayor Tenby’s take on debt ratios of 200 per cent, is wishful thinking. Prove it because Tauranga public will be outraged once full extent of fiscal madness sees daylight Everything TCC touch turns to custard, over budgets, often poor quality, splurging on trivia instead of essential infrastructure.

You know that thing in your mind that tells you when something is a bad idea? Well how does TCC get one of those? Drain the TCC swamp and appoint local government commissioners

R Paterson, Mount Maunganui.

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