Stopping the bus

On Friday, January 10, I went and sat in the bus stop near Melrose Village to catch a bus to Cameron Rd. After a couple of minutes one appeared at the top of Waihi Rd and stopped at the Paine St stop for a passenger. I got up off the seat at my stop and moved onto the footpath and indicated to the driver I wanted to be picked up by him, by raising my arm.

Imagine my disgust when the bus drove straight past and the driver looked up from his cash register and saw me standing there but he was going too fast to stop. So I shook my fist at him as he drove down the road and sat down again to wait for the next bus.

Three minutes later a black SUV pulled up and a young girl popped out, came toward me and said: ‘we saw what happened to you, so we’ll take you to where you are going’. I said I was going to the hospital so she took me to the front door of the hospital and I got out of the car.

They wouldn’t tell me their names, so to them both I wish them good luck and fortune wherever they go.

To the two male and one female drivers that have driven past me when my arm is indicating I wanted to be picked up I hope your chickens turn to emus and kick your fowl house down.

To your employer, I say choose employees with a bit of tact and feeling. You are all getting old and one day you all might reach 80 years of age and a driver might leave you at a bus stop and you may be in my situation.

To the kind lady and her child I say thank you for your kindness.

L W Chandler, Judea

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