Hollow promises

In July it was reported that the NZTA were about to demolish the pedestrian tunnel under the road connecting Owen Place and Bayfair.

There was to be no replacement – too expensive. There was to be an overbridge the locals were assured.

In my experience of the assurances given by the NZTA they were not worth a candle.

The War Memorial Hall at Te Puna, home of indoor bowls, wedding receptions, election polling station etc, etc, was demolished seven years ago with an assurance from NZTA of a replacement.

In September the only progress was a Maori blessing of the foundation stone.

With this in mind I advised the worried folk of Bayfair to keep using the tunnel until a satisfactory replacement was built.

This week I noted a building going up at Te Puna in about the right position for a hall and as I was going to the Mount a couple of days later I checked out the tunnel.

It was still being well used continuously for the half hour I was there walking both ways. I did not notice an overpass being built.

Peter Turmer, Pyes Pa

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a small correction

Posted on 10-01-2020 09:52 | By KiwiDerek

I completely agree about the NZTA and their hollow promises. But, just for the sake of accuracy, the Te Puna War Memorial Hall was demolished in 2016. So we’ve only waited - so far - three and a half years for a replacement.

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