Mauao base track

Whilst applauding, at last, the re-opening of the repaired Mauao base track, more than two years after cyclone Debbie damaged it, I believe that questions should still be asked.

Why did the Tauranga City Council staff, including the CEO, advise the then Mayor and former councillors that damage repairs would initially be in the vicinity of $2.5 million and then allow this to blow out to closer to $5 million?

How then does the new Council have the repairs undertaken, within a month and at a reported cost of in the vicinity of $750,000?

Does this significant variance mean that the council staff involved, including no doubt consultants, just cannot be trusted to make the most cost effective repairs or are they just incompetent and can they be trusted in to look after the best interests of ratepayers in the future?

Remember that Tauranga ratepayers fund all the costs associated with Mauao and therefore I believe that the council should answer these concerns.

M Baker, Bethlehem.

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M Baker........

Posted on 10-01-2020 13:03 | By groutby

.....let me be perhaps the first of I would suspect many, to respond. Surely the answer is absolutely incompetent, and along with untrustworthy to ’do the right thing’ by the ratepayer has become just astounding. Almost anything they have involvement with....this sounds harsh I know but the base track fiasco is just added to an ever growing list...

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