Rubbishing the bins

Five bins.

Sorry, we have de-cluttered.

Pity the poor people that are trying to practise waste minimisation.

They won’t need all these bins that the council is wastefully issuing to all and sundry. Maybe two at the most. Our blue glass bin is emptied annually with our meagre collection of pickle and marmalade jars for which other uses have not been found. With sections getting smaller and smaller the big headache is where to put this row of plastic monoliths. Perhaps alternative uses must be found for them. Rainwater harvesting? Large planters? Small dog kennel? Inverted and perforated with many holes, a bird cage? Firewood storage? Mobile composters? Fermenting beer or wine? Perhaps not.

Philosophically, we have no objection to paying for the bins as we understand that our saving will cost others more. What about an option to return unwanted bins with the option to uplift however many are needed at some future date.

R Giddens, Tauranga.

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