Are we playing follow the leader?

The leader of the Western world is (like it or not) the United States of America. This once admirable country is now being run by a megalomaniac, I say run and not ruled, because there are no rules.

No longer is international justice complied with, anything that the president considers beneficial to the USA is appropriate. The assassinations of foreign officials going about their legitimate business is carried out without due process of law. The Iranians are in Iraq at the request of that government. The American are in Iraq without the consent of that government.

It leads to other nations following suit, Israel has reverted to a policy of assassinations.

America justifies the assassination of the Iranian is “to save American lives” with no proof or lawful process. I put it to you that, the actions of this president has cost – and will continue to cost – more American lives than this Iranian doing his bit for his country and neighbouring ally to defend themselves from America’s hostile actions.

This lack of respect and compliance of laws, pacts and treaties has been seized upon and adopted by the general public. Lack of respect for laws, due process and accepted practises is threatening civilization as we know it. Morality comes from above.

P. Dolden, Papamoa (abridged).

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