Climate change

I saw the printed letters about climate change being cyclic. It brought memories of what my history teacher (in 1962) said about Roman Britain. He was reading about a Roman scribe writing about the grape harvest and wine making in Britain.

The teacher was adamant the scribe must have been drunk to write such nonsense (we all had a big laugh). Judging the weather of the 19th and 20th centuries, that looked like the way it would be. But look now, they are growing grapes in Britain and making wine.

The very mild climate in, say, 60AD might be one of the reasons the Romans could conquer so far away from Rome.

Just a thought.

PS: I attended Linskill School, Tynemouth – a stone’s throw from the Roman wall so there were always discussions about what happened in Roman Britain, plus the occasional field trip; but no wine.

Ken Jones, Katikati

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