Debate on sea Level rise

Peter Otway (The Weekend Sun, August 2) States “CO2 has increased to 415ppm, all man made, the highest level in 3.6 million years.”

During the Jurassic period 170 million years ago CO2 was 3000ppm.The IPCC agree human CO2 is only 5 per cent, yet they wrongly attribute the 32 per cent rise entirely to humans, which is impossible as the molecules are identical. The increase in CO2 (plant food) has increased crop yields globally.

Geologically, CO2 follows temperature and therefore cannot cause temperature.

The IPCC pseudoscience AR 5 radiative forcing model is deliberate in its deception, by first taking out water vapour (95 per cent greenhouse gas) which exaggerates CO2 and methane (CH4) and then combines them to give an anthropogenic forcing of 2.29Wm2 (Watts per square metre). Secondly, the Sun is given virtually nil forcing at 0.05Wm2, the product is that humans cause all CO2 and CO2 causes global warming.

The IPCC CMIP5 model that 73 “scientists” project catastrophic warming to 2100 has been proved 99 per cent wrong. Forty years of UAH Tropospheric Satellite temperature readings, currently +0.13c per decade.

David Kear former director of DSIR studied sea level rise, concluding 125mm per century, 8 centuries to rise one metre.

Rob Colmore, Oropi

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