Road funding

How can this Government govern responsibly when it takes $5 billion from State Highway funding to fund some dubious rail project in Auckland?

Worth remembering the Transport Funding Authority is a user pays system and our fuel taxes and heavy transport is taxed billions for their contribution to roading. So as it is a user pay system, why would the government put rail into that funding system when rail does not contribute a dime and has to be subsidised heavily continuously? Where is the logic?

How can a responsible government turn its back on the transport needs of our region?

We have both SH2 and SH29 going through our district and the work to be done is urgent and cannot wait for a change of Government. To stall deliberations and allow deaths and congestion, and frustration from drivers trying to earn an income? What is wrong with those central government politicians? —we need the Northern Link, the Omokoroa interchange and the Katikati bypass. We need them now and we are sick of the fobbing off we keep getting. It is a wonder any employees are left at the Transport Agency when one considers how their structure has been brutalised by this government.

Why, when the government is responsible for State Highways but won’t do anything and yet wants housing, and we have Peter Cooney of Classic Builders delivering affordable housing in Omokoroa but people can’t get out of Omokoroa safely -in fact they risk their lives and even the Katikati bus won’t stop because of safety concerns.

Why can’t the Government wake up to its responsibilities, or is it that they just don’t care.   It just is not good enough and the tinkering NZTA is doing is far from impressive. We want our roads to be built properly. Why when the land was purchased, the funding in place and the tender ready to go would any responsible government put the tender on hold and take months and months and then do nothing on the pretext that there is no money. No money because they have allowed it to be stolen from State Highways budgets.

Every time another tax is announced it is hurting the people who can least afford it, and we see no progress on our roading network. Government you have a job to do, please do it, before it is too late.

Margaret Murray-Benge.

Mayoral Candidate Western Bay of Plenty District Council

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