Right to take life

I am disgusted that our government is contemplating this law! I was diagnosed with aggressive stage four prostate cancer at level 9 on the Gleason scale and metastisised into my thigh three years ago. Can’t get worse than that! Under this law I could be dead and gone by now! Apart from the very nasty side effects from the Zoldex shot last November, I am living a life and fighting this cancer in every way I can.

There are many lifestyle choices one can make to beat cancer. The doctors assured me that they could not cure me, so I am doing that by herbs and careful diet. Many have done that before me, so it is possible.

My medical ‘professionals’ all told me that they could not even guess at how long I had to live. That seems reasonable to me, so how can this law be made for those who have been given less than six months to live? Who is going to make that judgment? Nobody but God knows that! Who is going to play God? My lesions have both decreased in size by 60 per cent.

Colin Stitt, Katikati

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