The benefits of Tai chi

People of all abilities are attracted to the graceful, low impact activity with good health outcomes.

The most consistent initial change in students is confidence, because of improved posture, breathing, relaxing tight muscles and becoming open and aligned.

It’s wonderful when a student rediscovers their centre of balance and remembers how it felt to be younger. The smile says it all. Let’s just smash the ‘aging narrative’.

If you are in the 50+ demographic just get going, find your nearest Tai chi day or evening classes. Check out the ‘what’s on’ section of the paper. Find one that teaches Tai chi for health without complicated, expensive religion or philosophy.

It is very important to include the 18 move qigong set that illustrates Tai chi principals.

Without it, progress is frustrating and exhausting, like driving a car while wearing a blindfold.

Remember, it looks simple but it’s not easy. Tai chi is a gentle challenge which is good for the body and brain.

Sport BOP has a six week introductory Tai chi course for $12 starting on Monday, September 2, 1.30pm, Te Puna Rugby Club. That’s $2 per class.

C’mon, you can do it. Let’s have some fun.

David Parker, Te Puna

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