Activate Old Solutions

Your recent issue had a couple of articles around bone joints and arthritis. A subject that affects most people over the age of 45-50, however discussions now tend to focus on management, funding for research, health insurance, volunteering and the enormous costs these various areas create, whereas the initial approach can be quite simple. Upon identifying civilisations that do not suffer from these conditions, two items surface. One is the uptake of omega-3 fish oils, including a dietary increase in various organic oils, particularly oily fish to lubricate bone joints, feed the brain, nerves, eyesight, immune support and dramatically reduces arthritis. One small teaspoon a day, keeps your body ‘motor’ lubricated. Add basil, curcumin, turmeric, seasalt and kelp.

The other is eating less sugar, acid foods and food additives in one’s diet. From someone in their 70’s with no aches or pains.

Dr Janice Ann Priest, Tauranga

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