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Who paid Peter Kageyama? What utter rubbish he is once again talking. Tauranga is not and never has been a tourist town and the CBD desperately needs more than a few hundred people to make it viable for the businesses to operate from. It needs thousands more.

It just proves he is another person gaining from the crap the CBD is going through every day.

None of the businesses can hang out for another five years before making a living from the CBD. The Council will kill the place dead unless they realise the CBD has to compete with the rest of Tauranga who are all blessed with the privilege of free parking and allow the same time limited free parking privileges in the CBD.

The comments from the people at Priority One are just that, comments, as these people are just council employees who are trying hard to justify their jobs but in fact have no experience in the everyday operations of the CBD.

From another perspective are the Farmers [Trading Company managers] brave or mad enough to continue the rebuild or will the economies of scale win.

Craig’s investments is also in a similar position to Farmers but time is on their side. Latitude Apartments are yet to be completely sold and when they are the CBD may see a small gain of about 56 more residents who may support the CBD.

Bill Campbell, Tauranga CBD [edited for length]

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