Blowing Smoke

I am incredulous with the nonsense councillor Morris is currently spouting, firstly trying to defend the obscene Mount track repair costs then moving on to Bayfair pedestrian underpass proposals which incidentally I have rigorously opposed in correspondence to Minister of Transport over several months.

I had pointed out to Twyford the ridiculous obscene costs involved initially, floated by NZTA at $13million and latterly at $33million, until the whole fiasco became financially untenable and finally canned.

The possibility of a simple overpass of the Windermere SH29-type was floated by me, then early July 2019, and before the Morris brainwave (certainly not his idea). I had already suggested the low-cost concrete box section concept widely used in rural areas. Cr Morris then rabbits on about a new tsunami warning system when TCC should have installed British air raid sirens six years ago at an estimated $250,000.

Now elected members start looking at 15th Avenue widening three years after electioneering on the promise that this was top priority.

It seems strange that all this stuff as usual emerges around election time which simply shows the insincerity, gall and shallowness of current councillors.

Let’s see what electors think in October polls. Surely this time they will boot the current lot out.

S Paterson

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