Treaty debate

Both Robin Bell and Peter Dey have obviously misinterpreted and misunderstood what’s written in The Treaty of Waitangi.

Or are they just being mischievous and pretentious?

And Mr Bell has the gall to accuse Messrs Brash and Prince of obfuscation?

Have either R Bell or P Dey ever read the Treaty? Or have they both just dreamt up their versions of it.

Don Brash is correct in saying there is ‘no Act of Parliament’ that gives Maori a ‘partnership of equality’.

They are principles of the Treaty only and are fully acknowledged in many areas.

There certainly are no race based privileges for Maori over any other New Zealander in the Treaty.

The Native Rights Act of 1865, was written into Law and confirmed what was promised in the Treaty. The Law stated that Maori are deemed to be natural born subjects of the Crown, and confirmed the Treaty promise of 1840 that Maori are to be given the same status as other British subjects i.e. rights and privileges. And given the same protection (which they asked for), of the Crown.

Maori are given the same Human Rights as any other New Zealander.

Over the years Maori have been given plenty of ‘special privileges’, including Maori Seats in Parliament and places on councils. Others have been ‘invented’ because of political manipulation.

It’s time people like Robin Bell and Peter Dey realise that we are all New Zealanders. There’s no room for segregation or race-based privileges, if this Nation is to move forward.

All New Zealanders have the same ability to exercise self-determination.

Equality of opportunity doesn’t always end in equality of outcome.

So, Robin Bell and Peter Dey, please stop attempting to put your own slant on all things Maori.

You are both guilty of obfuscation.

Peter Kelly

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