Gun money a waste

The Labour Government is proposing to spend $208 million in buying back semi-automatic guns from law abiding citizens. That money would not have prevented the well-planned massacre which took place in Christchurch.  Even worse, they announce that ACC are being conned into contributing $40 million. 

I do not pay my ACC premiums and various levies for it to be wasted on Jacinda’s populist political stunt.

It is difficult too for police to foil a determined, well-planned attack of any description.  Such persons can buy a semi-automatic illegally, steal one from the police or military. Further, a bomb is a relatively simple alternative measure.

ACC should be either conserving our premiums for its basic purpose, or reducing our costs.  Shame on them for not thinking it through and participating in political grandstanding.

Bill Capamagian, Tauranga


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