Climate confusion

John Mills (The Weekend Sun, June 28) begins: “There is much controversy over these matters”. His following dissertation on the behaviour of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is confused and laughable.

He concludes that “farting cows, humans and marsh gas do little to cause global warming” and finally, that “many of our parliamentarians are either ignorant or deliberately avoiding the truth”.

Having such a poor grasp of science he, like so many sceptics of climate science around the world, has fallen for the lies invented and propagated by multi-national oil corporations in their own self-interest.

Thanks to the delaying tactics by wilfully ignorant sceptics, politicians have, until now, been too timid to step up and take decisive action.

The universal debate now, in the eleventh hour, must surely be science-based and directed, first, towards endeavouring to hold the rate of climate change in check and, second, preparing for its inevitable impact. It is finally threatening to go viral and we are all about to pay the penalty of a rapid and painful catch-up after such a late start.

Peter Otway, Omokoroa


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