Not anti-Maori

Which part of Peter Fellingham's letter did Peter Dey not understand? Which part of Hobson's Pledge does he cite as recording Pakeha culture as superior when all Don Brash has ever called for is equality for all ethnicities in New Zealand of which there are over 200.

It has always been the argument of we so-called racists that that we are one people as Dame Whena Cooper has said (he iwi ko tahi tatau) and it has always been argued in support of this that the Crown should never have been divested of ownership in perpetuity for all people. It has never been an anti-Maori issue.

Now, thanks to successive Governments and National's Chris Finlayson, together with Peter Sharples' misrepresentations to the United Nations, NZ became the only country in the world to abrogate those natural rights (rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches/harbours, national parks) to a minority of its population to govern/receive economic benefit/control access/dictate terms to the remainder of us so that now every part-Maori is officially an UN-authenticated indigene with rights that precede and supervene on those of all other New Zealanders. Is that not superior enough Mr Dey?

Now our local council has taken it upon itself to rename the district with regard to Maori culture - European history and contributions to NZ growth being a non-event. This is now a national problem and it is time to acknowledge that New Zealand is not Aotearoa but a big, beautiful country that belongs to everyone.

R.E Stephens


Not just Article 3

Posted on 07-07-2019 16:32 | By waxing

R E Stephens along with Don Brash have to realise that Article 3 of our founding document is not all of the treaty. If it had intended to be what Stephens and Brash would like it to be, then the treaty would consist only of Article 3. But it doesn’t. So to understand our history and the basis for race relations in New Zealand, please take the time to properly read and understand all of the treaty.

One people is not one culture

Posted on 01-07-2019 13:31 | By Peter Dey

We may be one people but we are definitely not one culture. New Zealand has not abrogated its rights to all rivers, lakes, forest, fisheries, and natural resources to Maori. Maori tribes can claim ownership to some of their original natural possessions, granted by the Treaty. The US and Canada grant similar rights to indigenous people. Don Brash wants more than equality. He wants to side-line Maori from mainstream society. He seems to believe that Maori should be trying to become more like Pakeha, and wants to force Maori to change even if they do not want to.

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