Heavy traffic has no impact

Councillor Steve Morris [The Weekend Sun, May 24] floated the idea of a toll on trucks entering the Port of Tauranga claiming it’s undeniable the impact port traffic has on peak hour commuter traffic.

He’s wrong, heavy vehicle traffic, port-bound or not, has no effect on peak hour traffic on Maunganui and Hewletts Roads or Takitimu Drive.

It is cars and light vehicles that create the peak hour congestion. I invite Steve to publish the daily morning and evening peak hour traffic counts on those roads for a week.

He also wrongly stated all roads that access the port are council-owned. Maunganui and Hewletts Roads and Takitimu Drive is State Highway 2. Mirrielees Road to the Port gates is State Highway 2A and Tasman Quay is deemed to be a State Highway to the Port gates.

As far as tolling goes, he forgets section 48 (1) (d) of the Land Transport Management Act 2003 requires an un-tolled alternative route.

Regarding Hewletts Road congestion. A solution would be to change the useless bus-lanes to merging lanes for left-turning traffic coming from side streets and businesses.

Perry Harlen, Mount Maunganui


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