Forest of Ardern

With all due apologies to Shakespeare and his delightful ‘As YouLike It’ (1603) play a pleasant pastoral comedy, albeit in this particular setting forests are seen as places of illusion, mischief, evil-doers intrigue all resulting in the inversion of social norms and providing a touch of fantasy.

However by comparison the uncouth Labour/New Zealand First forest not only has all the worst elements of Shakespeare’s forest it is, in reality, also a dank, dark dense place. Strangely enough, it still centres on wood in the form of Kiwibuild, Provincial Growth Fund (Forestry) plus other Pinocchio-type policies and let’s face facts, the proponents of these schemes are as thick as two short planks. Take it from me, things ain’t going to end well with over spending, over promising and under-performing. Certainly no happily ever after conclusions likely here and there will be nothing in the nature of Wellbeing about it all.

This socialist mob can’t see the trees for the forest and perhaps the remedy is to knock on wood or else seek meaningful ‘iffy ‘leadership from the jet setting bumbler Ms Lumber-Jac.

Don’t hold your breath however, her recent’ I can’t be everywhere’ cop out for D Day celebrations reflects poorly.

Rob Paterson, Mount Maunganui


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