Not divisive

I take issue with your report on page 10 of May 31 regarding the Murray-Benge mayoralty candidacy.

The author makes reference to Don Brash being the founder of ‘divisive’ lobby group Hobson’s Choice.

Please explain to me how one can be ‘divisive’ when they’re endeavouring to achieve exactly the opposite, to bring harmony to all New Zealanders by treating everyone equally regardless of ethnicity or race.

So surely the apt description would be ‘inclusive’ and not ‘divisive’.

Too often media have unfairly lambasted Brash as racist. To the contrary, he’s a true patriot who’s undertaken the noble but thankless task of ensuring all Kiwis are treated fairly and equally, and like the majority of New Zealanders, believes all support mechanisms should be based on need and not race or ethnic grouping.

Tony Fellingham, The Lakes, Tauranga


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