Change the system

Susan Devoy attracted headlines in the daily media when she announced she intended running for the mayoralty.

No doubt she has the answers to all Tauranga City problems. Just like another mayoral candidate Kelvin Clout who was going to solve the city debt problem when he got elected to council six years ago.

Since then city debt rose by some 25 per cent to over $600 million. Some solution? Max Mason, another councillor with similar sentiments elected six years ago is giving up the ghost and not standing again.

Back in the 1980's I was elected on the plank of ‘fair go for ratepayers’. That failed too. Not for lack of effort, enthusiasm or commitment.

The local government system is rigidly controlled by central government and the bureaucracy. Nothing much changes, has changed or will change in councils while that control exists.

The system has to change to effect change. A cliché comes to mind for the upcoming election for councils. ‘Beware of the Greeks when they come laden with treasure’.

Bill Faulkner


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