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The letter to The Weekend Sun from Christina Humphreys was brilliant, it touched on many of the issues that affect our long-suffering public, as the highest rated (local council rates) in the country, and currently at the whim of current Western Bay District Councillors who, with a few exceptions, are highly contestable.

This has to stop. We need better sensitivity to our people, we cannot survive otherwise, and some must leave the district they love.

In our Katikati area, we want more public input to policy and decisions. This is essential for our survival. Autocratic leadership is out.

Regarding the proposed rubbish collection, our community board opted for option 1. I disagree!

Do you want a container of decomposing, fly attracting food in a bucket on your bench, for a week at a time? Hell, I do not. Also add another line on your rate notice to finance this option.

Wake up council, are you from another planet? Perhaps you need to change your medication!

As a self-employed electrical contractor in Katikati for nearly 50 years, I wired hundreds of under sink waste masters (I had my first one in 1964), and today most modern houses have one. I questioned at the community board meeting council’s pamphlet saying 39 per cent of content in bins was food scraps but did not get support.

Some people compost, but most put all but bones etc. down the sink.

I believe the status quo (no change) is the best.

We simply cannot afford any more council-imposed costs. Extra water costs (some stories are alarming) along with general proposed rate increases, means some house holders are getting close to $100 a week.

Election is in October, tell your councillors what you think, please.

Norm Mayo, Katikati


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