Cars are trains too

Can you see the trains in Tauranga?

I raise this question because some people want trains for public transport when they are already here.

For instance, most of the carriages are privately owned. The owners buy them, insure them, fuel, maintain and clean them. They enjoy the many comforts like heating and cooling, soft seating, music and radio, weather protection and versatility.

Look down from the sky and you will see the trains forming as the carriages exit from garages and join together on the two-way tracks. Watch in wonder as carriages merge then leave the trains to form other trains. Marvel at the skill and care of the drivers as they reach their stations.

Finally, understand that what you see and personally experience is the most enjoyable, cost effective transport system yet devised by humans!

Now, tell the people, who make the tracks (roads) that we have paid the money and we want open, free-flowing roads for our trains.

Ken Evans, Tauranga South


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