Maungatapu bridge call

Why does Greg Brownless call for NZTA to widen the Maungatapu bridge (after yet another fatal accident)? Is this an attempt to gain votes for the upcoming elections? 

We have heard similar calls many times before, but the elected folk seem to ignore that this, and other bridges (Turret Road bridge, SH2 Wairoa bridge), are primarily part of our local/regional arterial roads and should have been widened decades ago in a joint effort by Tauranga and Western Bay Councils. Some utter lack of foresight and commitment.

One often wonders if the one-authority option - as initially proposed at the time of Local Government amalgamations - would have resulted in optimum governance!

Despite having the Smart Growth and Regional Transportation committees, matters progressively get worse.  Would this be since there are former councillors and council staff on board? 

All of Tauranga’s so-called roading “improvements” appear to be designed only to frustrate the hell out of motorists. 

One likely consequence is that the motorist speeds up and overtakes out of pure frustration, in an attempt to claw back wasted traffic jam time.

Would this mean that the incumbent mayor and his predecessors have blood on their hands?  What is your reaction to this, Greg?

Roerlof Kopman, Minden


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