Not a terrorist attack

One has to wonder if our great prime minister really believes that we have been invaded by a bunch of mentally handicapped Australians. After all, we are all supposed to be too terrified to gather together with others to enjoy events we have welcomed for generations. Several events have been cancelled, and our police force are too stretched for numbers to actually do their job and take care of real threats to our communities.

When terrorists first attacked the USA, the correct decision was made to go on living as usual, refusing to allow Islamic jihadists to interrupt their normal activities. Are our leaders attempting to claim victimhood and gain sympathy from the rest of the world? That seems to be one of the ploys of the loony left in the USA.

I am so sick and tired of hearing the lone-wolf attack on mosques by a deranged Ozzy referred to as a terrorist attack. What are the chances of that happening again, let alone in the immediate future? As far as I can ascertain we have no jihadists in this country, and Muslims have never been discriminated against or made to feel unwelcome. And we are all suffering due to that massacre being wrongly called a terrorist attack. Stop this nonsense now!

C Stitt, Katikati


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