The old rules

Rugby captures a nation’s attention.  We yell and shout advice to the referee if it doesn’t go our way.  Why can’t the rest see it our way?

In a parallel universe, they decided to do something about it.  “We’re civilised people - educated, articulate, with a full knowledge of the game -  we can ref’ ourselves.”  Decision made.  Rugby became self-regulated by the players.  “We don’t need rules if we play in the spirit of the game”. 

Things started to creep into the game – call it ‘evolution’, progressive development.  After match functions started to change.  Commentators, the press and the public raised issues, quoted the ‘old, dusty, rule book’, but they were a minority.

A prominent player posted on social media a quote from the old rule book about off field behaviour. He got hauled over the coals! “Ban him from the game. He is one of the top players ever produced, how dare he quote the old rule book!”  By now hardly anyone remembered the old rule book.

We’ve re-written the rules as we want them; times have changed.  Look how well we are running it all now! The way we’re playing and living is better isn’t it?

J Lauchlan, Bellevue


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