Performance review

A recent commentary in a national newspaper ranked cabinet ministers from 1 to 10 on their performance.


Not surprisingly, Phil Twyford, David Clark and Shane Jones each received a rating of 4.

However, I was aghast to read Winston Peters received an 8 out of 10.


Is this the same politician who coerced the voting public to support him with these three of many pre-election promises:

1. There should be ‘‘one law for all New Zealanders’’.
2. That the Maori seats in Parliament ‘‘must be abolished as recommended by the Royal Commission’’.
3. Reduce parliament to 100 MPs.


Since this politician, who after the election engineered the Labour Party to become the new Government, made these important policy statements, not one of these have been fulfilled.


It beggars belief that despite Peters making promises he hasn’t kept, he has still managed to retain his seat in Parliament over the last 30-plus years.


Shame on you Peters. We won’t be fooled a second time into voting for NZ First in 2020.


T Fellingham, The Lakes


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