An article in The Sun one month ago from Councillor Murray -Benge, accused the Prime Minister of slowness and incompetence.

On behalf of some residents of Plummers Point Road, we are accusing our local councillors and council of similar failings.

We have listed a history of 15 years inaction to several petitions and requests for minor road alterations to counteract the dangers of faster and more voluminous traffic (including turning school buses).

Recent examinations of our two parks showed that apart from a minimal amount of mowing, there has been no maintenance of the shrubbery in either. Kotuku Domain is a disgrace with one third of the picnic area having a 10-year growth of high scrub. There are also dead and dying trees present.

Despite the shortage of parking space for the increased demand for cars and boat trailers, the picnic and toilet area is blocked off by, now unnecessary, bollards.

The slips which have developed all the way along in the high cliff, sea face between the two parks have become dangerous especially at the Huharua Park end.

Over the years many of our residents have been discouraged by their inability to obtain a response from council. We just wish that someone like Rogers Rabbits could take up the cudgels on our behalf.

B Young, Whakamarama.

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