Is Tauranga next?

In response to R Begley’s letter (The Weekend Sun, March 8) 1080 poison is classed by the World Health Organisation as 1A - extremely hazardous.

It was originally manufactured as an insecticide by Monsanto and banned in USA amid fears terrorists would get hold of it. It affects anything that needs oxygen.

Contrary to what the Department of Conservation website tells you (that it dissolves like salt and vinegar), overseas independent studies say the poison does not lose its integrity. The sodium breaks away and fluoroacetate is broken down in different forms. Once ingested it becomes fluorocitrate.

There have been no epidemiological studies done to date, and none are planned according to the Minister of Health.

This is a teratogenic agent, and only takes one part per trillion to affect an unborn baby. Even the dust is toxic, which can drift up to a kilometre. This year, over one million hectares is getting double the amount of poison, including drinking water catchments.

New Zealand now has the highest rate of cancers and motor neurone disease in the world and the highest rate of endangered species (4000-plus). Wake up Tauranga - will the next drop be in our backyard?

R Hodgson, Judea.


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