Bus lane botch job

It is time to revisit the unplanned Hairini bus lane introduction. Even when a bus does use the bus lane, they will be basically empty and, in the meantime, the diverted traffic is adding to the congestion at the Maungatapu roundabout end.

Both directions of the highway are congested. The $45 million tunnel was sold by Transit NZ to clear their highway!

Then they agree to shutting the Hairini road and allowing TCC to put in a bus lane – a terrible decision and a waste of asphalt. It is time to admit a mistake has been made and return the road for purpose. There are no safety issues, just propaganda to achieve the desires of TCC’s transport department.

Maybe sometime in the future, when Tauranga’s population reaches one million, this will all make sense, but not until then

W Sedcole, Maungatapu.

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One man's terrible decisiom is anothers idea of wonder

Posted on 04-03-2019 13:01 | By Persimmonsarevile

The changes at Hairini to make it buses only were profound. Bus lanes should be introduced in a lot more places. Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to drive a vehicle but we are still rate payers so this was a little win for us. More people should join the revolution and take a bus, ride a treadly or use shanks’ pony.

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