Time to transfer

In 2009, Tauranga City Council bought 11 Mission Street for the Elms and a peppercorn rental was charged until ownership was transferred to it. The transfer has not yet occurred.

So why did councillors, other than Cr Brown, Cr Robson and Cr Stewart not support Mayor Brownless when he wanted to complete that ownership transfer?

Instead, they are half-way through transferring the ownership to a Maori Trust, but hopefully are yet to finalise the details.

Coming on top of the Phoenix Park debacle, where once again councillors did not support their Mayor, council is at risk of creating another fiasco.

It is incredibly important to support a national treasure like the Elms - it is, after all, our living museum which we are all proud of.

Leaders like Paul Adams, Des Farrow, Noel Pope, Jim Sherwood, Barbara Steel and TECT, to name just a few, have given thousands of dollars, as well as hours of voluntary time, to ensure that we have the Elms which we all love today.

We have to rely on council to do the right thing, and common sense says they should transfer 11 Mission Street to the Elms now.

M Murray-Benge, Bethlehem.


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