Glass houses

While I agree that the amount of distracted drivers out there is horrifying, texting in crawling traffic on the Baypark-to-Bayfair drive is hardly life threatening (Weekend Sun, February 8).

Let’s tell it how it is, because “death” does not stop people doing things. The fact is you could rear end someone, they might have a newborn in the car, they may be recovering from surgery or they could be an angry person who might beat the crap out of you. Or, they could just be normal.

The amount of rear-ended accidents that see people needing physical assistance (physio, chiro, painkillers etc) for the rest of their lives as a result is mind blowing.

Stop being selfish, put down the god damn phone, enjoy the blue sky, smile at the person next to you in traffic and keep your own nose clean. Taking note of someone’s number plate surely means writing it down or putting it in your phone R. Porter. Glass houses mate.

K Conder, Maungatapu.


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