Black Caps capitulation

The Black Caps’ problem seems to be the size of their heads and their inflated egos - they even believe their own claptrap. They were like headless chooks in the fifth one day international game last Sunday, snatching yet another defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Yes, they won the fourth ODI against a depleted and dubious Indian outfit, but so what? It’s about time the perennial underperformers were given the ‘don’t come Monday’ treatment. A paucity of talent, lack of technical skills and other deficiencies in almost every facet of the game, including ‘the smarts’ department, is surely a catalyst for failure.

Most disturbingly however, is the lack of bottle and fight when the going gets tough. After all, it’s how you lose that’s so important.

The usual spin surfaces every season, but the reality is this bunch simply doesn’t know how to perform and win against good opposition when it matters and don’t deserve public support for poor performances.

Rob Paterson, Matapihi (Abridged).


Endless expertise

Posted on 08-02-2019 13:35 | By waxing

My gosh Rob, you’re an expert on cricket now. Is there no end to your skills?

maybe you should

Posted on 08-02-2019 08:08 | By Mein Fuhrer

put your pads on and see if you can do a better job Mr whingy whine guts

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