Parking permit problems

In response to the letter ‘Parking fine a joke’ (The Weekend Sun, February 1), I transport people with physical disabilities to shopping malls around the city every week.

There is generally always someone without a disability permit using the disabled parking spaces. If you approach them, you will either get abused or get told: “I’ll only be a minute.”

Just as bad are those with a disability permit in the car that belongs to a partner or a family member. I would have thought these people would be fully aware of the difficulty in finding available parks and would have shown more consideration.

There needs to be a system in place whereby you can send in a photo of the offending vehicle and an instant fine is issued.

The chances of getting a ticket for illegal parking – particularly at shopping centres – are almost non-existent, and basically people just don’t give a stuff anymore.

C McMahon, Ohauiti.


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