New bus blues

I wish to add my strongest protest to the other commuters who are currently trying to use the bus services in Tauranga.

This ‘new’ service plan for the buses, planned by so-called ‘experts, is a complete abomination and it has been yet another complete waste of time and money.

There was nothing wrong with the previous bus routes, but now they have all been changed people are having to make at least two changes to get where they are going, whereas previously they only had to get one bus.

The new timetables are complicated and very hard to understand, and the new service no longer runs to timetable anyway.

Yesterday I had to wait for over 20 minutes for a bus, and I got so fed up I ended up walking – not at all easy in this heat. The excuses being given by the bus company about new drivers etc are no longer acceptable and, in my view, it is not being run as a proper business.   

I thought I was supporting public transport by leaving my car in the garage, but I have decided to resort back to using my car. Whoever schemed up these new bus routes should be sacked – even a child could have worked it out better.

T Sealey, Brookfield.


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