I’m out there watching you

I drive through that horrible Bayfair-to-Baypark traffic to and from work every single weekday, and at least once a week I’ll take note of somebody’s number plate and report them to the police. Last week it was three in four days.

I understand there’s crawling traffic, but I do not understand what is just so gosh-darn important that you would put your own life and the lives of those around you at risk.

Put the damn phone down and drive!

One guy last week did not look up from his phone at all; he just rolled right on through traffic. If the car in front of him had stopped suddenly for whatever reason, he would have rolled right on into them.

Another guy decided to try and take sultry selfies while in rush-hour traffic. Is a tempting traffic snap for Tinder really worth the build-up of cars behind you?

Traffic is bad enough without distracted drivers crashing into other people.

Next time you decide that Facebook just can’t wait another moment, know that I’m out there, taking down number-plates and reporting you to the coppers.

R. Porter, Papamoa.


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