Green space?

In a January 25 SunLive article, journalist Sam Thompson outlined Councillor Leanne Brown’s attempt to set the record straight about the Phoenix Park development.

She addressed some of the misconceptions about the development, saying: “It was not and never was intended to be a ‘green space’.”

Strange. Councillor Brown said it was a greenspace two years ago.

In an October 14, 2016 article about the Phoenix Park project, Weekend Sun journalist Andrew Campbell quoted Councillor Brown as saying: “Transportation and parking simultaneously, those two things are really important.

”If they can fix those two issues, from my perspective I felt that most people in the room would be happy for the urban greenspace to go ahead.”

And this from Councillor Steve Morris’ April 28, 2017 Weekend Sun column about Phoenix Park: “The council was challenged to refund the $5.47m it had collected from developers over years for new ‘greenspace’ in the Mount North area.

“The term ‘new greenspace’ is important because it means we can’t legally spend the money on what would be some great additions to the Mount such as a boardwalk from the Cenotaph to Oceanbeach Road.”

Both councillors said Phoenix Park was going to be a greenspace.

P Harlen, Mount Maunganui


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