Ode to middle class Kiwis

The middle class - the invisible third of New Zealand who are groaning under the weight and working all the hours God sends to fund everything in this country,

But no worries, we can still pay more says this coalition government.

A government who has signed the ‘Global Migration’ pact to say ‘please bring in every dead beat and car bomber from around the world - our middle class will fund all until retirement!’

Give them all our free healthcare and pensions. Many baby boomers (and parents) who built and funded NZ’s infrastructure and the ‘think big projects’ are now refused their entitlement - the fruits of their labour. Just give to all and sundry, but just not the people who worked for it!

Mr Cullen [from Labour class of 84] is away dreaming up more ways to tax we middle class. It seems it’s possible to keep sucking blood out of a stone just for our government to squander it.

Our so-called indigenous people think we owe them everything, so it’s the middle-class Kiwi again who must pay all. Not the people from 170 odd years ago.

Tax? The wealthy and Maori are exempt, along with Asians and Indians who run their cash society so don’t pay tax. The public servants get their big wage rises, but not the working middle class who work for a pittance!

You can only keep sucking blood out of the stone for so long, because in the end the middle class become the poor. Then who funds all?

C Humphreys, Katikati.


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