Don’t keep the dead donkey debate going!

Recent news has Tauranga City Council CEO Marty Grenfell proposing $70,000 in the council’s 2019-2020 draft Annual Plan be spent to bring stakeholders together to continue the debate of a possible museum for Tauranga.

The new CEO started his the top job a few months after TCC decided last May not to fund its most recent museum proposal – a $55 million build on Cliff Rd; council contribution capped at $15m – following a year of investigations, surveys, planning and debate.

I would very much like to organise a meeting between 28 rate-paying householders – perhaps single-parent families, pensioners, people on fixed incomes, dual-income families, people working more than one job to pay rates – and Mr Grenfell.

There he can explain why he wants to waste $50 per week of their hard-earned money on making a signal to keep the debate alive on the dead donkey, the museum.

We’ve already spent an inordinate amount of money on this lost cause. The ratepayers have voted in a referendum not to pay for this cause. Let those who want it, pay for it – lock, stock and barrel!

Perhaps our new CEO should acquaint himself with the history of this cause or has he been nobbled by the pro-museum lobby that is very good at spending our money?

The sum of $70,000 he seeks is the equivalent of 28 ratepayers’ annual contributions to TCC.

If there are surplus funds available perhaps minor road maintenance could get some.

P Dolden, Papamoa.


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