The speed is now zero!

Congratulations to the Tauranga City Council. A big 100 per cent on the effort for making Greerton safer. Managing speed could not be better. Without the vehicle crashes, the speed is now reduced to zero.

In the council’s advertisement in The Weekend Sun’s November 30 edition, it says: ‘Every day more and more cars are on our roads’.

The council advert also says: ‘We set out to make Greerton Village safer for everyone – whether you’re walking biking, on a mobility scooter or driving.”

Well done. The sequence in the advertisement is spot on. Absolutely the right order. Pity about the bicycles. At the Cornwall St half-round – it is not a roundabout – the cycleway goes up to the half-round then disappears as there is no room for them.

A car and bicycle cannot go round at the same time, let alone a truck. Well done on the safety for bicycles. There is also no cycleway at Chadwick St – the actual one-lane roundabout – either. Pedestrians are safe crossing with the lights, but the roundabout is blocked when the traffic lights are on, creating a safety problem. Funny that.

T Johnson, Gate Pa.


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