Survey to have a say over car park name change

The car park in Mount Maunganui before construction started.

The Phoenix car park is currently being developed into a new urban open space for the Mount, with a proposed name change on the table.

Tauranga City Council is asking the public to have their say about the proposed new name ‘Te Papa o Nga Manu Porotakataka’ with an online survey.

In the information that runs alongside the survey it says the council has worked with hapu, Ngai Tukairangi and Ngati Kuku throughout this project, from the concept phase through to detailed design and construction.

“Hapu have proposed the name Te Papa o Nga Manu Porotakataka for the new space.

“This name means ‘The Place of the Circling Birds’. It refers to the fishing traditions of the local people who, much like today’s fishermen, were guided as to where to fish by the birds circling above the water.

“The concept of circling birds is appropriate, given the new open space will be used for people to gather, meet and socialise, and as a place to eat.

“The name Te Papa o Nga Manu Porotakataka will be reflected by design elements integrated into the park. Included onsite will be an interpretative sign/storyboard which will feature the name and tells a story behind the name as well as provide local history for the area.”

 To take part in the survey and express your opinion about the name change click here:

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Online Survey closed!!

Posted on 13-12-2018 08:31 | By Maryfaith

Funny that! Survey opened late Tuesday afternoon and now Thursday 8am - it is closed? Didn’t like what we had to say?? No doubt they already have the maori name sign already made and had to close survey "For lack of interest" - or some such excuse!!

Survey Closed

Posted on 12-12-2018 23:14 | By Murray.Guy

Survey closed already? TCC not like the feedback?

Change it

Posted on 12-12-2018 09:06 | By Bay Citizen

The story behind the name is quite interesting, but the name itself is simply too long and unwieldy. Change it to something shorter and simpler or the public will do so themselves regardless of what council and the hapu decide on the matter.

Rogue is right...

Posted on 12-12-2018 08:43 | By jed

Council have been removing carparks all over.I went to use a park I’d used for years, council now put yellow lines on it for no reason.There are quite a few they’ve removed.Widened the footpath by the twin towers , 10 parks gone!! Berms are replacing carparks all over. Crazy council.


Posted on 12-12-2018 08:06 | By pamken

lets call it a name we 85% or more can say get real TCC stop pandering to the few.


Posted on 11-12-2018 19:01 | By dumbkof2

just call it The Park. dosnt need a long unpronounceable name


Posted on 11-12-2018 16:38 | By rogue

How many carparks can the Council take away from us in our city. An urban space? Really, you guys are morons. Flag the urban space, create some more carparks nearby the beach & downtown the Mount , then make Maunganui Rd between Sailsbury & Pacific Ave the "urban space". City planning looks hard when TCC does it so wrong everytime.

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