Offer made on Bella Vista houses

Some of the homes caught up in the Bella Vista debacle.

Tauranga City Council was made an offer to purchase the properties at Lakes Boulevard/Aneta Way.

Tauranga City Council Chief Executive Garry Poole has expressed his gratitude to the homeowners for their patience while Council prepared this offer.

“Many issues needed to be considered to get to this point,” says Garry.

Council says the fair and reasonable approach, taking into account all the circumstances of this situation, is to make sure homeowners are compensated for the amounts that they have spent through this process, along with a further additional amount to reflect the emotional toll all this has taken.

“Councillors and Council staff have very carefully considered our role in what happened at Aneta Way and Lakes Boulevard, and the impact our actions have had on the homeowners.

“We have also carefully considered Council’s legislative responsibilities and our wider role in the community.

“We want to make sure the homeowners are not out of pocket.”



Posted on 25-07-2018 12:31 | By Jiz

Come on TGA Council these people have been turned upside down and you seem to think it is not your responsibility. You seem to think you are above the law. Well so to let you down but we the rate payers actually pay your wages, so come on give them more money. I feel ashamed for what you have done. Don’t brush it off. Stop shredding paper.....


Posted on 25-07-2018 09:59 | By Captain Sensible

The Captain and Second Officer on the ’Rena’ faced consequences for their actions and spent some time in prison and their Company had insurance to cover a lot of costs. Why does TCC Building Inspectors get away scot-free with no consequences, and ratepayers, instead of insurance have to pay? Maybe Greg Brownless can be a bit more transparent as after all, it’s OUR money.

TCC negligence

Posted on 25-07-2018 09:40 | By Captain Sensible

I want to know if TCC Building Inspectors had insurance, or did they not worry about that because the good old mug rate payers will always come to the party. Unsure why we are expected to pay for TCC negligence.

Info, please

Posted on 24-07-2018 19:15 | By rosbo

Are we to know the basis of the offer?

Pay up and Shut up - best advice

Posted on 24-07-2018 18:41 | By Maryfaith

TCC should bite the bullet and pay what the owners want. This will cost less in the long run. The developer has no money - TCC will pay out hundreds of thousands in lawyers fees and court costs - and considering their part in the fiasco they are better to shut up, pay up and not have to face the manure that will hit the fan when the TCC incompetence comes to public scrutiny in the courtroom! If insurance will pay up at this stage - Grab it!!! If theur insurance is happy to pay out now - grab it - it won’t be there at the end of all this and of course we ratepayers will be left holding

Why not..

Posted on 24-07-2018 18:34 | By Marshal

Who would expect anything different . What we have now are regional government , elected members acting as capitalist system corporates . Give us all your money, and we must keep it all. And more importantly, we are never in the wrong, and there for never liable.. It will come to a crash one day.. LOL !! My heart goes out to the people without the funds to be included in the select few..

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