Three hour parking limits arrive

As well as paying for parking, visitors to the CBD will only be able to park for up to three hours in some streets. File photo.

Car parking in some areas of the city centre will be restricted to three hours per day, starting on Monday, April 30.

The new P180 time zones will be in parts of Elizabeth Street, Durham Street, Grey Street, Devonport Road, Spring Street and Willow Street.

The time restrictions mean a vehicle can be parked for a total of three hours on any one day in those streets. The parking system will not accept payment for the same vehicle to be parked in the time restricted zone beyond three hours.

Elected members voted to approve the time restrictions at a council meeting on February 20, 2018.


That is why

Posted on 25-04-2018 22:15 | By wtf

I will not be going into the cbd. I have breathing problems and cant walk too far. So driving to parking close to where I need to shop is ideal for me. Even if I have to drive the next block over. So I wont be going there.

So dis I read this right?

Posted on 25-04-2018 20:16 | By The Caveman

I can no longer come into the CDB first thing in the morning and pay for a two hour park (for a meeting), LEAVE the CDB and spent three/four hours elsewhere in the wider city, and then come back into the CDB in the mid afternoon and try to pay for another couple of hours for another meeting, when 50% of the on street carparks are empty ???Now I know why space in my "city fringe" but non-CDB "office" space - with PARKING for tenants and visitors - has suddenly been snapped up. !!!!! Commercial office space will very quickly become like the retail space - EMPTY............................

Good start

Posted on 25-04-2018 19:34 | By Captain Hottie

The CBD is like a ghost town yet there are cars parked everywhere so we know it’s not customers using the parks. Three hours is enough time to do whatever in town (movie, lunch - although half an hour would be ample time to do any actual visiting of shops) so if you park longer you are obviously working and depriving genuine visitors of parking spots. Would also like to see the free limited parking around the Avenues policed as well as the parking wardens obviously don’t get up that far, people park there pretty much all day.

Tauranga is Doomed!

Posted on 25-04-2018 16:11 | By leighmac

While the so called Town planners keep IRD and Council staff in the CBD (1200 +) the central Businesses will not survive. I pity the poor retailers in the CBD, way over rated, struggling for reasonable pedestrian counts. They have struggled for 20 years plus, it is obviously that they are not wanted in central Tga. Shame on Council!


Posted on 25-04-2018 14:57 | By namxa

So um, if you work in the cbd you cant park in the street for the day? Cleverness.

Gosh Council........

Posted on 25-04-2018 13:42 | By Bruja

I doubt it’s possible to treat potential customers any worse but no doubt you’ll find more ways. Why don’t you just ban everyone from the CBD and have it done with. Whoever thought of this latest one? Needs to be sacked!

avoid at all costs

Posted on 25-04-2018 13:14 | By CC8

Yep we all avoid the city center at all costs, we do not ride on the poverty buses, because they are way too restrictive and contain noisy smelly rude people and snotty nosed , coughing, flu spreading kids who have NO IDEA what a handkerchief is , let alone how to use one. Martin Parkes should get off his bike this winter and ride a bus or two for a week or two...perhaps he will get it after that! Waiting in the rain for a late bus will put anybody off using so called public transport, let alone being abused and begged on at the "BUS TERMINAL" when it is time to leave town. No it is easier to shop at the big box stores and malls, with hundreds of car parks and wide open spaces and cheaper prices.

Why ? you ask , Captain Sensible

Posted on 25-04-2018 13:06 | By CC8

Simple really! Because they can!Martin Parkes is clinging desperately to his revenue stream, the retailers asked for a time limit in parking RATHER than meters, but Martin Parkes wants both so he can fine MORE PEOPLE, MORE REVENUE. He claims that revenue only matches costs, however that does not include fines! So how does he equate the exorbitant fines with running the department at cost? Easy , he just says so. He cites the cost of new meters , which get replaced every few years with newer bigger "better" etc ones, so the Parkesing department uses the costs to account for fines and revenue, but infrastructure claims the capital and depreciation.


Posted on 25-04-2018 11:45 | By Merlin

Pure madness.Roll on the next local body elections.


Posted on 25-04-2018 09:16 | By Loopy101

Are they wanting to make the cbd. Ore of a ghost town? This is pathetic.


Posted on 25-04-2018 09:14 | By Captain Sensible


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