'A storm I'll never forget'

A plane flew past as an electrical storm lit up the sky above Tauranga. Photo: TC Paterson.

Tauranga can be full of weather surprises and you never see them coming until they strike.

In December, we had really warm weather and the storm season was ramping up. Read more here.

"This photo captures the time when my family were packing groceries and cleaning the house in preparation for Christmas," says TC Paterson.

"I had suddenly noticed that everything seemed to be getting darker - it was almost as if nighttime had struck." 

Then, a deep boom of thunder rumbled overhead and lightning lit up the sky as one of the first major electrical storms of the summer finally hit the city.

"Our family has a tradition of watching electrical storms, either from our sheltered balcony, or from the living room. With the dogs and cats all locked inside ready for the storm’s arrival, we were set to wait it out.

"But even I wasn’t expecting the sky to glow such a brilliant red. I had an iPad and camera at the ready, and I was able to get some spectacular images as the storm rolled through.

"The best bit is some slow motion footage of lightning flashing across the sky as the domestic airliner flies overhead, trying to avoid the worst of it.

"I have never caught anything quite like that in my life but it’s one shot and one storm I will never forget. I love living in Tauranga. It’s an incredible city, where anything can happen."

-Stuff Nation/TC Paterson


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