Residents to pay $300k for slip repairs

An aerial view of the slip.

The slip-damaged part of the Omokoroa walkway by Ruamoana Place is to be repaired on a cost share basis between Western Bay of Plenty District Council and affected residents. 

The reserve between Bramley Drive and Ruamoana Place has been closed due to slips that occurred during the two cyclones in March and April. The slips also threatened some adjacent homes.

Mayor Garry Webber says Council has agreed to reinstate part of the walkway at a maximum cost of $600,000, to which the residents of 23, 24 and 25 Ruamoana Place will contribute $300,000. 

“This is a research project and there are no guarantees, but if it is successful it could be a solution that we can roll out through the District. We are understanding the risks far better than we used to – this method, if successful, will enable the amenity of a walkway to be restored.’’ 

The project involves drilling vertical chimney drains down the damaged cliff faces, linked with directional drilling, to channel groundwater out to sea from the multiple layers of the cliff. The reinstatement methods are detailed to Council in a report commissioned by specialist engineering consultants Tonkin and Taylor. 

The chimney drain method is innovative and while providing the best potential solution, there is no guarantee of success.

Ruamoana Place resident John Roper, representing the owners of the three properties most affected by the damage, said their contribution of $100,000 each would enable the walkway to be reinstated and also reduce the risk of the land slipping away more in a future storm event.

 “Without this work all our futures are in jeopardy. The walkway will be lost and our properties will be eroded and join those already abandoned on the Omokoroa Peninsula.

 “The site presents unique and difficult geotechnical challenges but with innovative techniques we stand the best chance of a successful outcome.’’



Totally agree miss adventure...

Posted on 15-12-2017 02:29 | By GreertonBoy

Just a very expensive bandaid to put off the inevitable. So, the 3 people will pay the $100K each and hope for the best? What happens if they pay and then the land slips again? Woopsy daisy.... too bad? If it is the council walkway that has slipped away, then I would think the council needs to fix the problem, not the owners of the land the council walkway is/was connected to? It is not the land owners fault the councils land fell off? The council is the body that needs to ensure people using the walkway can do so safely? I dont see how the cost should be bared by these land owners at all? What if they dont have the money to pay? Not everyone has a spare hundred K under their mattress? Oh, what’s that? Councilers do? Oh, ok


Posted on 14-12-2017 11:27 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Mother nature will of course have the final say in this and as always she will take what she wants when she wants. Usually that means when least expected and certainly underestimated. Watch this space!

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