Society’s stand against council pays

A sports club that refused to be pushed around by the Tauranga City Council is going to be allowed to keep its Blake Park clubrooms.

The council tried to push the Mount Cricket and Hockey Society out of its Blake Park clubrooms and into the new BOP Cricket Trust pavilion.

The building at the heart of the dispute.

It tried to force the issue in June, pressuring the association and the trust to agree by threatening to withhold building consent unless they did so.

The move threatened the entire project because the BOP Cricket Trust has to begin construction this year or lose $1 million in TECT funding.

The clubs’ officials sorted it out in arbitration, but on reporting back to the society, the 400 strong playing membership say they still don’t want to move out of their clubrooms – even though they endorse the memorandum of understating allowing the pavilion’s construction.

The Mount Cricket and Hockey Society sent its vice-president, Bill Webb, to the council to tell it they are opposing being moved against their wishes.

The society’s focus is on local club cricket and hockey, and members will only be permitted the use of the pavilion at the BOP Cricket Trust’s discretion.

Club cricket is ranked 10th on the trust’s list of priorities, says Bill.

It comes behind international and national games, but also behind a number of non cricketing events.

Cricket and hockey society members will not have the use of the pavilion during any of the events.

Bill says the society members understand the BOP Cricket Trust is taking on a large financial responsibility with the pavilion.

The cricket and hockey society’s 35 year lease expires in 2019.

Bill reminded the council that unlike the Greerton Swimming Club, the Mount Soccer Club, Arataki Rugby Club and the Papamoa Sports Club; the Mount Cricket and Hockey Society has never defaulted or required a ratepayer bail out.

Under a previous arrangement, the council earmarked $240,000 for the clubhouse’s redevelopment upon the expiry of the lease.

This was removed by council a few years ago – leaving many feeling an injustice had been done.

When Councillor Tony Christiansen raised the $240,000 compensation issue, he was challenged by Councillor David Stewart, but upheld by staff.

In 2004 the council removed $240,000 from the reserve management plan.

It took about two hours, but the society got what it wants.

It can stay in its clubhouse until the lease expires or it’s required to move because of new hockey turfs.

Meanwhile, arrangements will be made to move the top half of the clubhouse up beside the club cricket ovals on the park.



Posted on 22-09-2011 19:29 | By PLONKER

Make em’ do what they say, they will not like it but they have to now, great mate ...


Posted on 21-09-2011 13:36 | By PLONKER


Mr Bay - don't do the young ones an injustice

Posted on 21-09-2011 13:06 | By pmdv77

with your absolute incorrect assertion that old people are holding the Bay back. All that this deal does is hold the Council accountable to its previous commitments. Don’t even attempt to lump this in with the dumbing down of Brews Blues and Love The Mount events (which I have written submissions against). Doing so is a very disingenuous arguement. Given there is an international ground at Hamilton I would severely question the worth of attempting to achieve International Status at Mt. M...

My Bay is incorrect.

Posted on 21-09-2011 11:50 | By Murray.Guy

Mr Bay, the venture is not dumped. This Council has voted (by majority) to ensure 400 of it’s existing users on the park are not unfairly penalised while trying to support a new user. The ratepayers (Council) have met all agreed obligations (plus some) in regard the proposed new pavilion, amended the terms and conditions as requested on occasion to support the project - we now wait for the BOP Cricket Trust to contribute as agreed.

oldies do it again

Posted on 21-09-2011 10:26 | By Mr bay

Yet another venture to bring Tauranga out of the retirement village scene dumped because of the oldies, next you will be complaining that we arn’t getting any international cricket.

Heil TCC !

Posted on 21-09-2011 08:43 | By SpeakUp

Javolt! Ju see, ve only use ’democracy’ to get into powa but giff a sheat about ze people. Ve just vant your money. And now go back to woark.


Posted on 21-09-2011 04:14 | By Puss-Cat

BryceH in the above post has expressed my thoughts accurately.

Great Result!

Posted on 20-09-2011 15:27 | By bryceh

Bloody council trying what amounted to an "alleged" blackmail attempt! Who the hell do these councilors think they are? It is infuriating when people elected by the people to be paid to act for the people, take their role far too far. As soon as you show these councilors an ounce of power, they think they run the bloody country!

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