Asbestos at Mount library

Asbestos has been found in the Mount Maunganui library building and contaminated soil outside the building is fenced off.

Library staff were informed in December that part of the grounds outside the building was fenced off following the discovery of asbestos in the soil.

Asbestos contaminated soil has been fenced off.

The asbestos is thought to have come from water blasting the building.

“This area of soil will be removed once a suitable contractor is available,” says city council communications manager Aimee Driscoll.

“In the meantime the fence will remain in place.”

The asbestos fibres came from the parapet cladding and roof membrane, says Aimee.

“The roof membrane and top edge of the parapet cladding were enclosed before Christmas. This will prevent any further potential asbestos contamination.”

Asbestos is a common building material in NZ and poses no threat if not disturbed, says Aimee.

Remaining asbestos in the roof membrane and parapet cladding is stable and poses no threat if not disturbed.

The surrounding area has been tested and no further fibres have been found. The Mount Library building is in otherwise good condition.

The situation with the Mount Maunganui library is unlike the discovery of asbestos contaminated soil outside the former foodbank building, says city council staff.

“The decision to demolish the Foodbank building was made as a result of the general poor condition and deterioration of the building,” says communication advisor Rachel Schicker.

“The issues in the Foodbank building included potentially harmful asbestos roof sheeting and external cladding, as well as asbestos-contaminated soil found in several places around the perimeter of the building.

“The building also had weather-tightness issues, which resulted in stachybotrys, or black mould, growing in one unused part of the building and surface mould in two storage areas. The ceiling linings in the second storage area were also in very poor condition.”

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Posted on 16-01-2016 19:34 | By StormA

Where is the food bank now? The library will last where it is


Posted on 16-01-2016 18:55 | By CC8

Makes you wonder how all these council buildings suddenly have issues. A skeptic might think that the council is an easy touch. How many other (privately owned ) buildings get waterblasted and either don’t have issues or don’t get inspected. Maybe they get inspected , and just get fixed with little fanfare . Maybe the asbestos was planted, or maybe there was only a minute amount in the first place that could easily be cleaned up with a broom and a shovel?? As always the practical way will give way to the PC way where the council workers can cover their collective backsides.

Asbestos for real

Posted on 16-01-2016 14:47 | By Johnney

Asbestos was stopped being used as late as the early 80’s. Is the Mt library older than that? because it looks more modern than that.

In other words

Posted on 16-01-2016 14:06 | By CC8

We wanted to get rid of the Foodbank building, but we don’t want to demolish the library at the mount because we would probably have to build an EXPENSIVE new one.

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