Rates struck at city hall

Tauranga City Council’s last meeting for the June financial year saw the adoption of the Long Term Plan, the new user fees and charges schedule, development contributions policy – and striking the rate.

Councillor Steve Morris says it is a collaboratively determined rate derived from discussion, and thanks Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby for that, instead of just dropping a budget on the table for them to fight over.

Councillor John Robson says the 3.4 per cent increase is the lowest rates rise of any major city in the country, unlike the Auckland budget which is going to see some of the poorest people in the city facing rates rises of 16 per cent.

He wants council to look more closely at the uniform annual charges in settling future rates, as he says they mean the poorer people in the city are effectively paying more.

Rates for the year beginning July 1, Wednesday, include a uniform annual general charge of $800 per rating unit and a general rate of $0.00228434 in the dollar of capital value on al rateable units in the city.

The commercial rate is $0.00053923 on all commercial properties.

The water rate is $1.80 per cubic metre of water supplied.

The wastewater rate is $380 for each residential rating unit, and $380 for each toilet in a commercial building.

Targeted rates are set for The Lakes, $173.34; The Coast Papamoa $190.74; The Excelsa subdivision at Papamoa of $38.33 for the maintenance of street gardens, trees and up lights under trees.

Mainstreet targeted rates are $0.00067779 for every commercial rating unit in Tauranga; $0.00097128 for every Mount Maunganui Mainstreet area commercial unit; $0.00177642 for Greerton, and $0.00023896 for the Papamoa Mainstreet area’s commercial properties.

The rates are payable in two instalments, on August 31, 2015 and February 29, 2016.

Council adopted its 2015-2025 Long Term Plan after earlier this month deliberating on a range of city-wide issues to be included, including approving The Elms to receive $150,000 for next 10 years, Tauranga’s tropical plant house on Cliff Road getting a reprieve and ‘Free after Three’ parking set to stay in the CBD.

Council will also spend $30,000 to ‘have another look’ at the Memorial Park to The Strand Walkway.

For all information on Tauranga City Council’s Long Term Plan click here.

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The stormwater levy

Posted on 01-07-2015 08:30 | By Murray.Guy

Bit of smoke and mirrors, with this Council reducing the stormwater catch up works and the choosing to borrow (increase debt). Trying to impress the ratepayers of today at the expense of the ratepayers tomorrow, in addition to reduced flood damage mitigation. This Council has made it quite clear that priorities include obscene staffing levels, over-the-top responses (mould) and nice to haves, versus roads, rubbish and rats.

Oh and

Posted on 29-06-2015 17:40 | By R1Squid

I forgot to mention. All the Councillors, and the Mayor had day jobs to go to.

What about the levy?

Posted on 29-06-2015 17:17 | By Annalist

Has the stormwater levy been continued this year? If so, should that be counted as a rates increase?

A 3.4% Rate Increase

Posted on 29-06-2015 17:02 | By R1Squid

Is needed so that the councillors can vote for a salary increase for themselves. Not bad considering once upon a time, the work of a councillor was done gratis and the Mayor was paid only an honorarium.

la-la land

Posted on 29-06-2015 14:32 | By Captain Sensible

Most people do not get the pay rises to match rates increases. I know of a worker who in the last 8 years has had a 1.25% pay rise. Meanwhile in la-la land......

34 times the inflation rate.

Posted on 29-06-2015 14:29 | By jed

Nice one. "Councillor John Robson says the 3.4 per cent increase is the lowest rates rise of any major city in the country" Hardly aspirational stuff from tired old people.

All Money and no 'DO'!

Posted on 29-06-2015 13:16 | By Mackka

So the council is going to spend a further $30,000 to ’have another look at’ the Memorial Park to Strand Walkway. This, on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent on ’looking at’ this proposal. Stop looking and DO it for goodness sake! It could have been done and up and ’walking’ for all the money they are spending on ’looking at it’.


Posted on 29-06-2015 12:48 | By ROCCO

Well lets just check, digest and dissect it and see what the true position is then comment on the anomalies.

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